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They're going to fall over, you know, because the energy of the population will not sustain an old energy leader ..."
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sahid Resort brings oasis of luxury into heart of Kuta

Wasti Atmodjo, The Jakarta Post, Kuta | Thu, 12/30/2010

An “oasis” will soon emerge in Bali’s most crowded tourist area offering holidaymakers a luxury hotel and lavish shopping paradise overlooking the pristine Kuta Beach.

World famous: Bali’s Kuta Beach, pictured here,
is a favorite spot for holidaymakers around the world
Courtesy PT Indonesia Paradise Island /
Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort
“This will be a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, translated into a world-class hotel and shopping mall,” explained Hariyadi B. Sukamdani, president of PT Indonesian Paradise Island (IPI).

The planned project is expected to be completed mid 2011. IPI invested Rp 600 billion (US$70 million) into the Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort. Haryadi, however, was quick to add the amount of capital invested might change depending on the project design.

“We are still altering some of the designs here and there and these could affect the amount of capital invested,” he said.

Some might wonder whether the already crowded and often traffic congested Kuta really needs another multi-billion project. People will certainly be curious about the project’s structure and design especially when it comes to ecological issues brought about by the rapid growth of tourist-related development projects and the increasing number of visitors besieging Kuta.

Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono, the patriarch of the Sahid family, said his old property, the Sahid Hotel, was one of the pioneer hotels in the area.

“In the past, Kuta was quiet and beautiful. Only a few small guesthouses and hotels were operating, catering for local and foreign tourists,” Sukamdani said.

“In the past, the development of any five-star hotel was allowed provided developers applied designs in line with the island’s nature,” he said.

His son Hariyadi decided to follow this philosophy by developing an eco-friendly resort on the 5.2 hectares of land on the former site of the old Sahid Hotel.

“My plan is to revitalize the Kuta area into a green and people-friendly area by constructing an-integrated luxury resort, office complex and high-end shopping complex using an eco-friendly architectural concept.”
The buildings have been designed with world-class architectural standard using as much local materials as possible.

Spacious and lust gardens, water ponds and hanging gardens will surround the buildings, which will be lined with wide sidewalks to enable visitors to enjoy their promenade. Nowadays, it is still difficult for people to walk along the narrow streets of Kuta because of the limited pedestrian facilities.

The planned hotel will consist of 200 lavish rooms facing the great waves of Kuta Beach and will be operated under the brand Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort.

A new oasis: PT Indonesian Paradise Island is planning to build a multi-billion
rupiah hotel project, currently designed to look like this picture, called the Sahid
Kuta Lifestyle Resort. The resort will be completed mid 2011. Courtesy PT Indonesia
Paradise Island/Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort

The shopping arcades, called the Beach Walk, will be designed in the Balinese traditional architectural style, adding a few touches to remind visitors of the daily lives of the Balinese agricultural society.

The project has been designed by architectural firm PT Enviro Tec Indonesia, according to Indonesia Design.

The Beach Walk will resemble the island’s rural landscape with its beautiful terraced contours and open-air walkways. It will house 200 top-notch boutiques and stores, restaurants, children playgrounds, music and dance stages.

“We will not cut any existing trees on this site and will use recycled wood and materials for the project,” said Hariyadi.

The company’s director of development, Patrick Rendradjaja, added that the company was also concerned about the existing traffic problems in Kuta.

“We have already incorporated a comprehensive parking site to ease traffic congestion,” Rendradjaja said.

Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort will have a two-level parking basement which can accommodate up to 1,000 vehicles at a time. The Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort will be next to the Harris Hotel, which also belongs to the Sahid family.

“They will complement each other. The Sheraton will cater to the high-end market, while the four-star Harris will continue to retain its own clientele,” Hariyadi said.

“I really expect the project will benefit hotels and businesses in this area as it will rejuvenate the area into a green and beautiful one,” he added.

Those eager to stay at this luxury and tranquil hotel in the hustle-bustle Kuta will have to wait until its completion, sometime in 2011.

Happy Holidays.

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